Ring Sizing Guide

Ring Sizing Guide

The Next Session Rings are awesome - so let's get the fit right. If you are close to a Jeweler, they can easily size you up. That's ideal if you don't know your size. If that's not possible, you have a couple of options below.

Know that we have a fit guarantee. If we don't get it right the first time, we'll resize or replace for you. Simply send it back (postage cost will be roughly $3 if in the US). Add the details about the current size such as "just a little tight", "a little big" etc. Include your name and contact information and we'll resize and resend.

Ring Size Conversion Chart

How to Find Your Ring Size At Home
  1. Wrap a thin piece of paper or string (no stretch) around your finger like a ring
  2. Mark the spot where the paper / string meets
  3. Measure the length using a ruler
  4. Use the chart above (Inside Circumference)


  1. If you have a ring that fits - Go grab it!
  2. Measure across the inside of the ring from edge to edge (easiest in MM)
  3. Use the chart above (Inside Diameter)